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. If you're going on vacation you can let the Three Rivers Police Department know.  In return, they'll do their best to increase patrols in your area.  The information you provide will also give them a way to contact you, or a responsible party that you designate, if something happens.

All you have to do is fill out the form below and submit it.  The TRPD will send you a reply email to let you know that your email was received and that your home has been added to their House Watch List.

Please note that you should only submit this form if the property you need to have watched is within the city limits of Three Rivers, Michigan.

Your Name: 
Mailing Address:
Zip Code:
Address of the property you'd like added to the House Watch List (if different from the address you provided above):

Three Rivers, MI  49093

Date House Watch should start:
Date House Watch can end:
Is there a phone number where we can reach you while you're gone? No


Is there someone local we can call who would have a key to the house or know how to get in touch with you? No
Has Key: Yes      No
Can Contact Me: Yes      No
Is there anyone who is authorized to be there while you're gone (feeding pets, taking in papers, checking house, etc.)? Please enter their names in this box:

Is there any other helpful information you can provide?
What number can we call if we have questions about the information you're submitting?
Please give us your email address:

      We hope you understand that we can't promise that nothing will happen to your home while you're away.  We can only say that we'll do our best to increase the level of patrols in that area.  It will be very helpful, though, to provide us with contact information so if something does happen we're able to let you, or someone you designate, know about a problem.  If you have any questions, just place them in the "helpful information" box above.


Here are some excellent tips for decreasing the likelihood of problems while you're gone:

How to Safeguard Your Home While on Vacation

Source: Florida Attorney General's Office

  • Strive to make your home look as lived-in as possible while you're away.

  • Don't broadcast your plans but do let your neighbors and local law enforcement know.

  • Give a spare key to your neighbors and give them an emergency telephone number to reach you.

  • Arrange to have your mail and newspapers either stopped or picked up daily.

  • Have someone mow your yard or rake the leaves so your house looks lived-in.

  • Use automatic timers to turn on a radio and lights at different intervals to hide the fact you aren't home.

  • Turn down the ringer on the telephone. An unanswered telephone is a dead give-away.

  • Be sure you don't announce your absence on your answering machine message.

  • Leave your blinds like you normally would if you were home. Only close them all the way if that is what you would normally do.

  • Be sure to close and lock the garage as well as any storage sheds, gates, etc.

  • Engrave all your valuables with your driver's license number. If possible videotape the contents of your home. Be sure to keep the video and the list of valuables in a safety deposit box.

  • Ask your neighbor to occasionally park in your driveway. If you are leaving a vehicle parked outside, have the neighbor move it periodically so it looks as though you are home.

  • Be sure someone knows your itinerary and your estimated time of arrival and return.

  • If you get lost while traveling, ask directions of local law enforcement, not complete strangers.

  • Be sure your vehicle is in good working condition and that you have taken enough money. Do not carry large amounts of cash, use credit cards and travelers' checks.


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