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Do you have knowledge of a crime that's been committed in St. Joseph County?

  • Maybe you were too busy to stop and get involved when you saw something happen...
  • Maybe you've had second thoughts and don't want this person to get away with what they did...
  • Maybe you've begun to wonder if you're next if you don't help stop this person...
  • Maybe you've just heard something through the grapevine that could turn out to be useful information...

Well, you're in luck!  You can just fill out this little form and press your browser's send button and you can provide needed information to reduce crime in your neighborhood.  Statistics prove that once someone breaks the law they're much more likely to do it again, especially if they don't get caught.

We need your help so that we can get this person off the street.  The information that you provide might just prove to be the final clue needed to solve the case.  Just fill out the form and send it, or call one of the phone numbers listed below...



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this form.

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If you'd prefer, you can call any of the following numbers to report this crime:

Phone #:
(800) 342-STOP
St. Joseph County Central Dispatch
(269) 467-4195
City of Three Rivers Police
(269) 278-1235






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